Landseer European Continental Type

The Landseer ECT

A Breed Unto Its Own

The Landseer ECT and the Newfoundland Landseer are similar, but they are not considered the same breed in Europe.

In the United States, the Landseer ECT is recognized by the AKC as a branch of the Newfoundland breed. However, the distinction between the American Newfoundland Landseer and the Landseer ECT is significant. They are both similar in color and markings (black and white), size (giant breed), and temperament. However, the European breed has been carefully bred to have a smaller head, a tighter lip and eye, longer legs and a more athletic nature. Think of the differences between a Labrador Retriever and a Golden Retriever: They are both very similar breeds, with similar temperaments and looks, but obviously, they are two distinct breeds. Please read more under our page "ECT vs. NEWFOUNDLAND" to fully educate yourself about the differences. The images above will give you examples of the Landseer ECT Breed Standard that can be found mainly in Europe at this time. (The copyrights to these images above belong to their original copyright owners, not to Cherokee Landseers, and is shown here only to educate the public about the Landseer ECT breed, breed standards, and breed distinctions and is not intended to advertise for (or against) any particular breeder.)

Noble. Strong. Loyal. Intelligent. Diligent. Friendly.

The LANDSEER ECT (European Continental Type) is a rare breed of noble, exceptional dogs mainly available and bred in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland. Only recently has the Landseer ECT come to the United States. Similar to the American Newfoundland Landseer in size and color, but a breed apart.